• Gas Payne the backpacker/bboy/tagger/toyslapper!!!

    For these wak emcees we want to show you styles from the 95,6,7,8, now stretch!!!!

  • Sacha

    Wow, what a f**** great new album! Come to switzerland!

  • Roach the Dj

    I hope there will be Vinyl records available. I need this in my wax collection.

  • Desiree Krashoff

    Amazing you are, dig the way articulate thru ur flows, I applaud you ACEYALONE… IRIE

  • riceahomie

    Griot for life!!!! Get over here to NYC ASAP!!!!

  • You guys rock!

  • connor k

    to ace and the the whole f.f you are most likely intergalactic funk freakers who have come to earth in hopes to birth a new sound or in the very least a generation of sunshine children that may very well one day stand up and say…holy shit!! we are alive!! thank you all for being who you are and doing what you be in contact with any one of you (or all) would be next best to nothing and i hope you are all well..asalaam alaikum

  • Jesus Lazcano

    This is utterly jaw dropping… Me being a fan of jazz and hiphop this is the perfect marriage of both genres…. Hip Hop is itself an extension of jazz improvisation with the power and rhythmic complexity of the voice… Aceyalone, you are my favorite rapper of all time. People like you, Microphone Mike, and Abstract, make me want to take my musicality to the next level and start producing for the next generation of talented MCs. Project Blowed for life… 🙂

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